Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

NAAC SSR Reports

4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Metric Key Indicator – 4.2 Library as a Learning Resource Template Additional Info / Uploads
4.2.1 Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) and has digitisation facility 4.2.1_Template.pdf 4.2.1_AdditionalInfo.pdf
4.2.2 Institution has subscription for e-Library resources) 4.2.2_Template.pdf 4.2.2_AdditionalInfo.pdf
4.2.3 Average annual expenditure for purchase of books/ e-books and subscription to journals/e-journals during the last five years (INR in Lakhs) 4.2.3_Template.pdf 4.2.3_AdditionalInfo.pdf
4.2.4 Percentage per day usage of library by teachers and students (foot falls and login data for online access) 4.2.4_Template.pdf 4.2.4_AdditionalInfo.pdf