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NAAC SSR Reports

3. Research, Innovations and Extension

Metric Key Indicator – 3.6 Extension Activities Template Additional Info / Uploads
3.6.1 Extension activities in the neighbourhood community in terms of impact and sensitising students to social issues and holistic development during the last five years 3.6.1_Template.pdf 3.6.1_AdditionalInfo.pdf
3.6.2 Number of awards received by the Institution, its teachers and students from Government /Government recognised bodies in recognition of the extension activities carried out during the last five years 3.6.2_Template.pdf 3.6.2_AdditionalInfo.pdf
3.6.3 Number of extension and outreach programs conducted by the institution including those through NSS/NCC/Red cross/YRC during the last five years (including Government initiated programs such as Swachh Bharat, Aids Awareness, Gender Issue, etc. and those organised in collaboration with industry, community and NGOs) 3.6.3_Template.pdf 3.6.3_AdditionalInfo.pdf
3.6.4 Average percentage of students participating in extension activities listed at 3.6.3 above during the last five years 3.6.4_Template.pdf 3.6.4_AdditionalInfo.pdf