Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

NAAC SSR Reports

5.  Student Support and Progression

Metric Key Indicator – 5.1 Student Support Template Additional Info / Uploads
5.1.1 Average percentage of students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the institution, Government and non government agencies (NGOs) during the last five years (other than the students receiving scholarships under the government schemes for reserved categories) 5.1.1_Template.pdf 5.1.1_AdditionalInfo.pdf
5.1.2 Average percentage of students benefited by career counseling and guidance for competitive examinations offered by the Institution during the last five years 5.1.2_Template.pdf 5.1.2_AdditionalInfo.pdf
5.1.3 Capacity development and skills enhancement initiatives are taken by the institution 5.1.3_Template.pdf 5.1.3_AdditionalInfo.pdf
5.1.4 The Institution adopts the following for redressal of student grievances including sexual harassment and ragging cases 5.1.4_Template.pdf 5.1.4_AdditionalInfo.pdf